Tantra and its types

Tantric massage  is sharing a touch that reaches deep into the skin. A well-made tantric massage reaches the very essence of being, treats the human body as a whole and helps create a sense of security, trust and serenity. Tantra also has a great impact on the chakras we work with during the massage session. This massage can release large amounts of energy that was previously lost through tensions that we cannot cope with on our own. At the mind level, tantric massage relieves stress and anxiety, builds our confidence and helps us gain better awareness of our body. Once you realize where the energy block is in the body and what causes it, you can start integrating the body creating an increasingly positive image of it, and thus you will start taking responsibility for your own happiness and health.Tantra massage restores vital forces that increase the will to act and courage to make changes in your life.

During the massage session the body is completely naked. Tantric massage is performed with small, gentle movements. The massage covers the whole body, starting from the back of the body. During the massage, the masseuse uses her hands, forearms as well as body elements. Pareo is also used for tantra massage. In the room where the massage session takes place, the right mood is very important: candles, relaxing music.During the Tantra massage, deep breathing is important to calm down the body and unblock emotions.

Tantra is communication, love, care and trust.

Tantra massage is also Joni and Lingam. They mean male and female sex organs. Each gender has different needs which are different for each individual, that is why an individual approach is so important. In tantra, the most beautiful is respect and trust as well as the technique of performing the massage.



► BASICTANTRA LINGAM / JONI – Full body massage + Lingam / Joni zone. It is a tantric massage that covers the whole body with an intimate zone, which allows you to fully enjoy the satisfaction of a professionally performed massage. The Tantra Lingam / Joni session allows you to get rid of all complexes, feel relaxed in the physical and spiritual spheres and unlock energy centers from which vitality is drawn. If you feel that something is blocking your well-being and your sexual energy is disturbed, you feel fatigue and lack of energy - use this massage.

► TANTRA DELUX – Full body massage + double celebration of the Lingam / Joni zone. Tantra Delux massage is a massage addressed to everyone regardless of gender. This massage is characterized by double massaging of the Lingam / Joni zones, thanks to which you can experience intense feelings that strongly affect the accumulated sexual energy. By choosing this type of massage you can completely get rid of all complexes and release the power hidden in the body.

► TANTRA RITUAL – Full body massage + Lingam / Joni zone. Tantra Ritual will allow you to celebrate every minute starting with the ritual of introducing you to the world of closeness and tenderness by the touch of a masseuse. By choosing the Ritual Tantra you will experience more intense spiritual feelings. Finished by warming up the chakras and stimulating them to work, it will create a perfect harmony of body and mind.

► TANTRA PARTNERS – Full body massage + Lingam / Joni zone. Tantra Partners is a massage for couples which can take place in one or two separate rooms. It is a massage addressed to people who want to feel amazing moments together with their partner rediscovering their sexuality, beauty, understanding and trust. Allow yourself to experience a journey that will further ignite the feeling and desire between you.

For couples who prefer a deeper experience, we recommend combining the Tantra Massage Partners with the Tantra Massage Ritual or the Tantra Delux Massage.

► TANTRA 4 HANDS – Full body massage + Lingam / Joni zone. Tantra 4 Hands is based on Tantra Lingam / Joni, while it is made by two masseuses, which enhances the sensations during the massage. Tantra 4 Hands allows you to stimulate the whole body at the same time .

This massage can be combined with the Tantra Ritual or Tantra Delux massage which will guarantee unforgettable experiences and release energy.


Lingam / Joni is made at the request of customers. The massage takes place through special movements and pressures. The old tantric technique is used.

Dewi Salon is not an erotic massage salon, therefore we do not offer erotic and sexual services.