Tantrric massage  is a journey into the landscape of our soul and body, revealing different phases of cleansing our mind. The guide of this trip is a masseuse who discovers zones of pleasure in our body thanks to the massage technique in which hands, forearms and body elements are used.

Tantra has a huge impact on our daily lives. Tantra is a therapy that allows you to work on your own sexuality, allows you to cut off from stress, trouble and pain. It is a wonderful therapy for individuals and couples, it allows to ignite the senses and open us to new experiences. Tantric massage teaches us to accept ourselves, get to know our own sexuality, get rid of complexes in all spheres of life and different perception of even the most mundane activities.


Tantra is not only a massage but a process that reflects our lives and moods allowing us to achieve full harmony of body and soul. Sensuality of movements, candlelight, smell of oils, mood and Lingam / Joni massage allow you to achieve incredible pleasure and greater awareness of your own body.

The essence of tantric massage is the masseuse's respect and trust towards the recipient as well as the recipient towards the masseuse.

The atmosphere prevailing during the Tantra session puts us in a state of deep relaxation, allowing us to experience amazing moments.

Tantric massages Tantric massages are often misread as erotic massages. Erotic massage is characterized by a completely different form and technique of performance, which is mainly focused on achieving sexual satisfaction and very intense bodily sensations. Tantra, on the other hand, focuses on working with sexual energy contained in the body so that we can draw strength from it to act.

Tantric massages are performed on a rehabilitation mat that meets all standards.